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Your Eating habits

Our slogan is “ You should not sacrifice taste for health.”

You should love the food you eat and that is what we strive to bring you. Healthy foods that you can’t wait to eat.

Diets never work but healthy eating habits can be forever. Let us give you the foods that fit your new lifestyle.



Success Stories

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No time to cook?

“My Fit Nutro allows me to eat healthy, fulfilling and tasty meals while working two jobs. I have no time to cook right now, and eat Keto when possible, My Fit Nutro has been a Godsend!”

Yelba H.

Losing Weight
.” I lost 4 pounds in my first week.”
Helen S.


I’ve been using MFN since early 2022 and couldn’t be happier with the options available, new menu items added and knowing my food is prepared fresh for my health benefits!! Amanda and Brett out a lot of care and thought into the entire process of making, preparing and packaging my food.

I’m also impressed with the choice of Juice & now sweets added to the menu. The choice to eat healthy is paying off & lately I’ve been getting compliments on how fresh my skin looks and my endless energy. I definitely believe I owe a lot to my meal plans. If you’re thinking if you should buy!!! Think NO MORE! MFN is family owned and operated. Support your community while improving yourself for a longer, healthier life!!

♥️Satisfied Customer,


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A regular size is 28oz and a large is 32 ox. Family of 3 is approximately 84oz and family of 5 will be approximately 140 oz.

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